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Участок Злословия
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Сhthonian Rehab, 2020, video

"Today I had a dream I was at Lena's place in Sao Paulo
It had ceilings like courtyards of St Pete's and the rooms reminded me of the warehouses in Seven Sisters.
The living room was colour green... with no dimensions.
In the middle of it was an altar-like sculpture made of wax and coated in gold
It was humid and hot in Brazil, so the centrepiece lady streamed down on the floor, mixing with wax and revealing the grief which was nothing but vicid."
The Mainline Group invites you to stick your shovels into the space between the waves of the pandemic and embark on a supermythical trip to analyse the post-COVID condition of distance.Chthonian Rehab is an anthology of grief, tension and internationalism during COVID-19 Pandemic, following the digital dialogue of the Mainline Group members.

Versatile Material, 2020, installation
Khodynka Gallery

Versatile Material is a sound-sculptural installation studying the phenomenon of sonic erosion by the Mainline Group [Lena Kilina&Sofya Chibisguleva] and Adam Synikin (sound design).
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You Should Dig Right Here, 2020, Zoom performance
Khodynka Gallery

What if you start digging right here and now? Could you end up puncturing the surface of the Turkish seaside beach with your shovel, where the Kremlin-like hotel sunburns its brightness away? Perhaps you’ll float up the Iguazu falls? Or would you prefer to tear through the plastic snow of the Australian Zoo penguin pool and join in the game of nature imitation? Aren’t you surprised that these options do not appear so absurd to you? What about 5 months ago? “Absolute mythology is absolute existence, a kind of existence, which has achieved the mythical state. To unwrap this mythology is to expose each step of the journey from the absolute state of being and the absolute mythology, its development.” – Alexey Losev, Myth Dialectics, published in 1930. The Mainline Group invites you to stick your shovels into the space between the waves of the pandemic and embark on a super-mythical trip to analyse the post-COVID condition of distance.

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Участок Злословия 2020, Перформанс, Онлайн Трансляция 20 мин.

Софья Худая и Елена Смутьянова продолжают анализировать значимые образы российского общества. В специальном телемосте между одним из столичных участков голосования и Бразильским оплотом криминала и гедонизма Сан Пауло, они взяли интервью у главной героини последних новостей – Конституции РФ. Прямой эфир злословия состоялся в 7 вечера по московскому времени в день всеобщего голосования по поправкам в Конституцию РФ.

*данная передача носит исключительно ироничный характер и не содержит агитации за или против конкретных поправок в Конституцию РФ. Все совпадения с настоящими лицами являются случайными и не несут злого или преступного умысла. Оригинальная идея передачи, а также части визуального оформления по праву принадлежат дирекции телеканала ВГТРК «Россия-Культура» и автору передачи Юрию Богомолову. Данная пародия стала возможной благодаря статье 29 Конституции РФ.